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Thoughtfully curated, warm and inviting kitchen designs and modern interiors.

Traci Rauner Design serves clients in the Lake Wisconsin and surrounding areas with services ranging from kitchen design to full interior design for renovations and new construction.

Traci Rauner has been in the design field since 1995 and has been focusing on kitchens since 2001. After  working at kitchen showrooms in the Madison area, she decided to start Traci Rauner Design to offer more services than just kitchen design. A mind for design and a love of what she does has kept the design field from ever feeling like a “job.” Each project is a new experience and no room is complete without the finishing touches. Traci Rauner brings the best into her client’s homes with the ability to create warm, inviting spaces that are functional and unique to each client.



"Thank you so very much with all of this.
It was just overwhelming to try to figure out what might work and then for my husband and I to agree to each other's suggestions. You provide a great service, everything was beautiful."

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