Every once in a while I will have a client that wants me to design the rooms in their homes, and then they have a cabinetmaker build the cabinets for them.  While I do have my own lines of cabinetry that I offer my clients, sometimes having the cabinets built ends up being a better fit.  One possible downfall of custom is timing… sometimes it can take twice as long for the custom cabinets to be built vs. getting semi-custom… Read more »

So you’ve just finished your kitchen remodel and it’s still looking a little blah to you??  That’s because your kitchen is screaming, “you forgot to put on your jewelry!!”. AKA- the backsplash… One of the most fun parts of a kitchen remodel (to me) is designing the backsplash.  It is the finishing touch, and takes a kitchen from blah to WOWZA!!  Here are some kitchens I have designed, and the backsplashes we have put in.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to… Read more »

Getting ready to host Christmas Eve next week and thought I would share some holiday entertaining ideas from myself and from around the web.  Our big celebration is on Christmas Eve vs. Christmas Day, and is based on heavy appetizers instead of a sit down meal.  Here are some of my tips: #1 Plan out the menu- obviously!  My sister will laugh that I put this as my first item because she thinks I am always waiting until the last… Read more »

When we were looking for a new house this last spring, I almost did not even go into this one. Needless to say, the exterior did not do anything for me. One of our friends called it the “Swiss Colony”…. yeah, that pretty much sums it up! After going through the house, and looking at the view on the back side, the façade became irrelevant (in the decision making process).  Over the past 6 months we have come up with… Read more »

I recently had some clients that wanted to move into their weekend house full time, and needed to update their kitchen and great room before they made the change.  The issues they had were: Not enough lighting in the kitchen Didn’t like the visual flow from the kitchen to great room Prep area island was too small Entrance from laundry room to kitchen had tight feeling because of both tall units Sunroom was closed off to the other areas Ceiling soffits and… Read more »

The key to any organized, functional kitchen is good storage.  Here are some great solutions to give you the best out of your space…     #1- Tray Dividers The space above an oven, (or I typically put this above the refrigerator), is perfect for tray dividers.  This area is usually harder to get to without using a step stool.  Because it is 24″ deep, it makes for great storage for trays, serving platters, cutting boards and baking pans.  You… Read more »

Well, it was one of the last boat rides of the season (extreme sad face:(((( ), but it was beautiful on the lake looking at the surrounding bluffs and shoreline.  The landscape colors made me start to think about colors I have used and loved on walls…(most thoughts turn to decorating and design in one way or another;)) I put together a collection of colors that have worked for me in the past (and I still love), and also ones I am using now.. Some… Read more »

As with many of my clients, one room will turn into another as we go… sometimes it’s inevitable;)  With this client, we have worked on 2 whole house remodels and 3 remodels of their family’s business during the last 3 years.  It all started with their weekend house though… My client was almost embarrassed to show me the “before” house we were going to be working on.  The furnishings and décor were old items they had thrown in this house just to… Read more »

The current status of our cottage kitchen is what I would call “early Stage 1″. Because our list is soooo long with this house, small cosmetic changes are all that we are going to do right away.  Here are some before shots with the beautiful dark green paint… (excuse the blurry photos) Here is my to do list for the space (short term and long term) Short term Paint cabinets New hardware Paint walls (need another coat) Paint window (need… Read more »